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Proposals and Projects for Schools, for all needs

and types of requests.

Fully customizable proposals for elementary, middle and high schools.

One-day or multi-day experiences that will enhance your kids' unity.

A unique experience to be lived that, a unique moment, a truly unforgettable memory.

Possibility of a real Environmental Education project

"WHO IS THE MOUNTAIN" to learn while having fun, get to know, appreciate and value nature, the forest, the environment and the animals that live there in full compliance with its rules and rhythms.

Walks in nature for young explorers will be a real added value for your children.

Click here and contact us we will be happy to satisfy all your requests or let you have our proposal.

In base al singolo progetto


"L’obiettivo principale della scuola è quello di creare uomini che sono capaci di fare cose nuove, e non semplicemente ripetere quello che altre generazioni hanno fatto."

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