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Professionals but above all FRIENDS born and raised in the province of Bergamo in the presence of the splendid Orobie, wild and often severe mountains but always capable of giving real emotions.

United by the common passion for the mountains, we have chosen to work with experience and professionalism in a large "office" .... perhaps the most beautiful in the world !!!!

A fantastic job that every day leads us to share unique experiences and transmit a precious knowledge kept in the magic of the mountains.

Mutual is an experienced practitioner, a confident conductor and a friend who can help us enter a new and in some ways unknown world.

It helps us to rediscover the characteristics of the territory, to regain possession of an often forgotten natural dimension and to rediscover a new relationship with ourselves and others.

But the professionalism of the Mutual does not end with the accompaniment on mountain trails. Another fundamental aspect of the profession is the activity of Environmental Education that this figure can exercise towards schools, cooperatives, associations and so on with the ultimate aim of enhancing the environmental heritage present in a given area.

Furthermore, it is a fundamental partner in the communication, dissemination and usability projects of the territories themselves.

The AMM, in fact, is an integral part of that process known as sustainable and responsible tourism and contributes to the development of the economic and social life of local communities, respecting the environment and the cultures of the territory, favoring the interaction between the activities tourism, the communities themselves and the traveler-hikers.

The AMMs are the voices par excellence of green, environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism. Their activity favors a tourism of excellence characterized by a high environmental quality, in the name of culture and local specificities.

Basically, the Mutual is a real hiking guide whose skills are expressed in multiple levels. The knowledge of the mountain environment, obtained through theoretical in-depth study, the study of the territory and the constant attendance of the mountain is accompanied by a competence in walking techniques, materials and tools used in hiking progression. The theoretical notions on naturalistic (zoology, botany, geology) and cultural (elements of history, art, culture and local traditions) to be shared during the excursion are also significant. All this without neglecting safety, expressed through notions of sports and mountain medicine, first aid, excellent knowledge of the mountain environment, great experience and important orientation skills.

Our Team

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"A group of people who share a common goal
can achieve the impossible. "