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Frequently Asked Questions - Rules - Useful Tips

Some answers you were looking for ...

What is Orobie4Trekking?

Orobie4trekking is a brand, a real brand, an idea ....

An idea that sees professionals in the sector but above all FRIENDS offer you open outdoor activities SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE.

Alpine Guides, Medium Mountain Guides, Nordic Walking and Mountain Bike Instructors.

Trust us ...

Who are the Orobie4Trekking Guides?

Orobie4trekking relies on Alpine Guides, Medium Mountain Guides, Nordic Walking Instructors and Mountain Bike Guides, regularly enrolled in the respective Register and College.
This guarantees a very high professional level of your Guide, who will share the excursion with you, taking care of your safety and illustrating the beauty of the places you will visit.

Who can participate in the Orobie4Trekking proposals?

Anyone can participate in the excursions proposed by Orobie4Trekking.
It is necessary to assess whether one's abilities are suitable for the proposed activity.
We have chosen to always manage groups that are not too numerous, establishing a maximum number of participants for each excursion, so that we can pay attention to everyone during the day or longer treks. We can assure you that for high difficulty excursions, the number will never exceed 4/6 people.
All the necessary information and itineraries can be found on our website, for any doubts contact me.

Are the Orobie4Trekking Excursions demanding?

We propose a calendar of excursions with different commitment but with the philosophy of facilitating and being able to let anyone try the beauty of an outdoor experience.
There are excursions of difficulty suitable for every type of request, both low and high level, trying to propose different itineraries that suit everyone's abilities.
During the excursion we proceed at a pace appropriate to the level of the group, in order to appreciate the views and allow everyone to always be in contact with the Guide and with the rest of the group.

Can children participate in your activities? What is needed?

We offer specific activities for families dedicated to adults and children, but it is also possible to bring children on other excursions.
Contact us, we will check together if the activity is within reach of the little one or the little one.
You do not need anything specific, for each activity however we will recommend the useful material and if you want some more advice click below in the Useful Tips for you lots of useful information

Can I participate by bringing my dog on excursions?

We love animals ... but out of respect for other human participants, the trusty 4-legged friend is sometimes a problem ... so during the excursions pets are allowed in tow but only kept on a leash.
We also often organize excursions in which not only are they allowed, but rather they are the direct protagonists, so contact us and ask us for info from time to time, we can also organize together an activity within reach of your four-legged friend

But what if it rains on the day of the excursion?

Should rain necessarily be considered bad weather?
Well equipped, a day with variable weather can still be exciting. We also make excursions in case of rain because we are convinced that the beauty of mountain activities is to appreciate nature in all its forms and, on the other hand, we are not made of sugar and we will not melt!
The cancellation of the trip takes place only in case the safety of the participants is jeopardized.
However, you will be notified in time individually by the Guide.

What should I do to participate in your initiatives? How does it work?

To participate in the initiatives it is sufficient to have the desire to live an intense day surrounded by nature in company. No particular skills or physical preparation are required, but based on your preparation you will have to evaluate in the appropriate way, the choice of the itinerary you would like to participate in.
It only takes a few simple steps to subscribe to the proposals you find on the website, choose the one you prefer and if you have any doubts or questions contact us!
However, the commitment required takes into account various factors such as: the daily altitude difference, the type of path, the necessary preparation and so on.
To get an idea of the difficulty scales I explain them below in the Useful Tips section

Click below and also take a look at our Regulations and some Useful Tips for our activities.

If you have any other doubts or questions, however, do not hesitate to contact me I will be happy to answer all your curiosities





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