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Professionals but above all FRIENDS born and raised in the province of Bergamo in the presence of the splendid Orobie, wild and often severe mountains but always capable of giving real emotions.

United by the common passion for the mountains, we have chosen to work with experience and professionalism in a large "office" .... perhaps the most beautiful in the world !!!!

A fantastic job that every day leads us to share unique experiences and transmit a precious knowledge kept in the magic of the mountains.

Mutual is an experienced practitioner, a confident conductor and a friend who can help us enter a new and in some ways unknown world.

It helps us to rediscover the characteristics of the territory, to regain possession of an often forgotten natural dimension and to rediscover a new relationship with ourselves and others.

But the professionalism of the Mutual does not end with the accompaniment on mountain trails. Another fundamental aspect of the profession is the activity of Environmental Education that this figure can exercise towards schools, cooperatives, associations and so on with the ultimate aim of enhancing the environmental heritage present in a given area.

Furthermore, it is a fundamental partner in the communication, dissemination and usability projects of the territories themselves.

The AMM, in fact, is an integral part of that process known as sustainable and responsible tourism and contributes to the development of the economic and social life of local communities, respecting the environment and the cultures of the territory, favoring the interaction between the activities tourism, the communities themselves and the traveler-hikers.

The AMMs are the voices par excellence of green, environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism. Their activity favors a tourism of excellence characterized by a high environmental quality, in the name of culture and local specificities.

Basically, the Mutual is a real hiking guide whose skills are expressed in multiple levels. The knowledge of the mountain environment, obtained through theoretical in-depth study, the study of the territory and the constant attendance of the mountain is accompanied by a competence in walking techniques, materials and tools used in hiking progression. The theoretical notions on naturalistic (zoology, botany, geology) and cultural (elements of history, art, culture and local traditions) to be shared during the excursion are also significant. All this without neglecting safety, expressed through notions of sports and mountain medicine, first aid, excellent knowledge of the mountain environment, great experience and important orientation skills.

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All about me

Professional Trekking Guide


My name is Roberto Salomone, I am an AmM Guide of the Lombardy Alpine Guides College and instructor of the Italian Nordic Walking School.
A lover of the mountains since I was a child, I have had the opportunity to experience it and get to know it in all its forms and aspects in all seasons.
I have always kept my passion for walking and nature intact, slowly maturing the desire to enhance it and make it known to others as well.
In 2016 I decided to make this passion my job, choosing to undertake a specific training path that can be a precious treasure for me but above all to be able to donate to others.
I love nature.
I love walking and sharing the journey with anyone who crosses my path, I love the mountain and what it can give and teach us every day both for its hardness and for its simplicity, I firmly believe that there we can really find and admire everything that we need.
I firmly believe in the group, in being together and in teamwork,
as they say "The Union makes the Force!"
I am constantly looking for new itineraries, to be discovered and shared, itineraries that arouse amazement and fill the heart.
I have a long experience in accompanying groups from all over the world on different tours to numerous destinations.
I can give interesting tips and suggest hidden places to visit. Take part in a guided tour for an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a private tour tailored to your needs, you are in the right place.
Contact Orobie4Trekking and you will discover a new way to travel.
I wait for you!!!!

Our Team


My name is Andrea, I was born in 1983 in the province of Bergamo. I have been a mid-mountain guide since 2017 and instructor of the Italian Nordic Walking School.
A lover of the mountains since I was a child, I got to experience it and get to know it initially thanks to my parents. I have always kept my passion for walking and nature intact, slowly maturing the desire to enhance it. In 2016 I decided to make this passion my job, choosing to undertake a specific training path.
I love nature. I love to walk and share the journey with anyone who crosses my path. I am always looking for new itineraries, which arouse amazement and fill the heart.

Andrea Zamblera

Guide Orobie4Trekking


My name is Marco Caccia, born in Bergamo on 08/26/1983, graduated in construction engineering, I deal with safety on construction sites, but my greatest passions are the mountains and photography.

Accompanying the Medium Mountain of the Guides College of the Lombardy Region since 2019, I frequent the mountains since I was a child and in particular the Orobie and, in addition to the passion for nature and the high peaks, I like to photographically capture the most beautiful moments that the mountain knows give to be able to relive them even from home and share them with those who are not lucky enough to be able to experience them firsthand. Also since 2019 I am a National Nordic Walking Instructor, MTB and E-Bike Accompanist accredited at Sieb (Italian E-Bike School) and

guide of the Orobie Valtellinesi Park.
During the accompaniments I like to tell the territory and the many wonders that nature gives us, but also the history of the place and the curiosities related to it. The desire to share with other people the passion and emotions that walking in the midst of nature can give has led me to become a Mid-Mountain Guide and I am convinced that, seeing in people's eyes the light of joy and lightheartedness shines, is a unique satisfaction and a great privilege.

Marco Caccia

Guide Orobie4Trekking



My name is Francesco Della Frera, born in Crema on 10-06-1976.

I am a mid-mountain companion of the Alpine Guides College, Yoga Teacher and I also work as a Safety and Environment Manager. Since I was a child I have loved nature and the mountains in particular and I try to spend as much time there as possible. Over the years I have been able to experience it in different ways but with the constant happiness that this acquaintance gives me. Immerse yourself in Nature, in its colors, sounds and smells… I think it is an experience that goes far beyond fun… an almost spiritual experience. The desire to combine these aspects and to transmit my passion to others led me to the choice of making them my job: yoga and mountains seem to be made on purpose to merge with each other, giving unique experiences of their kind.

Francesco Della Frera

Guide Orobie4Trekking


My name is Michela, I am 27 years old, I was born in a small town not far from Bergamo and I will be one of your tour guides! There is one thing in life that makes me smile: travel. I spent a lot of time traveling around the world, trying to live the local life and get to know the people I met, their culture, their habits. "LIVE THE LOCAL VIDA!" is my personal slogan. A couple of years ago I discovered how amazing it is to travel as a group and became a tour leader.

Well, YES, obviously I am involved in an endless love affair with nature and outdoor activities and I think that walking in a place is absolutely the best way to discover and conquer it: you walked over it like that that place it's in your legs, in your eyes, in your heart and will stay there forever. So I decided to quit my job as a secretary, a lot of walls could no longer fit my personality and joie de vivre. I discovered how amazing nature is and how rewarding it is to get to the top of a mountain and enjoy the landscape. One day I thought that this would be the thing I wanted to do in my life: make people smile in the midst of nature while staring at it speechless in front of a starry sky, taste all the most typical dishes, explore a destination as much as possible, transform an event into an opportunity. This is exactly why traveling with us will create your best memories.

Michela Finazzi

Guide Orobie4Trekking


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I am Silvana, I am 37 years old and I am the mother of two fantastic girls ... oops, a girl and a teenager now! I live in a mountain town, small but very nice and above all surrounded by woods, glades and pebbly paths. I love to travel and discover new places, I am always amazed by the ancient beauty of our planet and I literally love that sweet sensation you get when you find yourself completely immersed in nature: it is as if suddenly you find your place in the world!

I've always had my head in the clouds, as the adults used to say.

As a child I looked out of the school window at the clouds driven by the wind and, while the branches of the trees moved, I found myself thinking "Hmm ... won't the branches that move make the wind?". Well yes, I have always had a great imagination, which growing up has not diminished at all, on the contrary! I work in a graphics company, I like to write, act, invent stories and tell them to children: their big eyes, open mouth and that rapt expression while following a story are priceless!

And the imagination combined with nature has infinite potential: children's eyes sparkle while the mind runs between gnarled roots and meadows of dew.

I would like every child to have the chance to truly feel part of our incredible planet, this is both my and our goal as a team ... let your kids 'and teens' minds run fast, free and barefoot becoming a breeze, while their sky is filled with new air. "

Silvana Zambelli

Orobie4Trekking Kids


Hello everyone! My name is Michela and I am 35 years old. I am married and, for 10 years now, Alice and Daniele have been thinking about cheering and filling my days.

I was born in Venice, but I have been living in the province of Bergamo for a very long time. Here, since I was a child, I began to know and appreciate the mountains. I began to discover what it meant to marvel at the spectacle of a flowery meadow in spring and to burst with joy at the mere idea of spending a night in the bivouac with my classmates. I began to realize how tiring the climbs were but also how much satisfaction was once I got to the top. I began to experience how fun it was to play with water in a stream as well as to get dirty rolling around the lawns. In short ... I realized how much the mountain was a school of life in all respects! Since 2007 I have been employed in an agency that deals with heating and air conditioning systems, but in my free time I like to meet new places and people, dream of travels near and far, learn new foreign languages and spend as much time as possible with people who make me feel good, doing what makes me feel good. In fact, I am increasingly convinced that what we really need are not material things but lived moments, values, memories and emotions, especially if considered.

It had been a long time that I felt the need to change my life, to integrate it with experiences that could finally allow me to better express who I am and, why not, even to pull some dreams out of that famous drawer! So, when Roberto asked me to join this "big family", which is Orobie4trekking, I couldn't resist and I decided to seize this opportunity, aware that certain trains must be taken, full stop!

I am sure that this road will give me and give us great satisfaction!

Michela Chirico

Orobie4Trekking Kids


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My name is Alessandra Lippolis born in Monza on 06-01-1976

In real life I am an assistant director, in parallel life I am a graphic designer. Creative and open mind at 360 degrees every moment of life.

I still have the ability to get excited about the little things and I always try to go back to where my soul is fine. I learned to love the mountains which, a few years ago, saved my life ... I am indebted to them!

I met Orobie4Trekking and from that day a great shared passion was born, but above all a great friendship that led me to join them, in fact I take care of the graphics and the creation of training contents and as soon as I have the opportunity I also actively participate in outings and outdoor activities in addition to the events in general that are organized monthly.

I am a big supporter of the phrase: "Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness"

Alessandra Lippolis

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"A group of people who share a common goal
can achieve the impossible. "


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