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Wed, 24 Mar


Bergamasque Orobie Park

Basic Photography Course with Outing in the Environment

A real basic photography course with theoretical lessons and practical outing in the environment. The course is intended for people who intend to start and / or deepen the themes of photography in the environment. This course will deal with the theoretical and practical aspects concerning the photographic activity.

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Basic Photography Course with Outing in the Environment
Basic Photography Course with Outing in the Environment

Orario & Sede

24 Mar 2021, 20:30 CET – 18 Apr 2021, 16:30 CEST

Bergamasque Orobie Park, 24100 Bergamo, Italy

Info sull'evento

The photography course is intended for people who intend to start or deepen the themes of photography in general and especially of photography in the environment.

This course will deal with the theoretical and practical aspects concerning the photographic activity as a whole.

Introductory level course to photography dedicated to those who have recently embarked on the path of approaching photography or who are already amateur photographers who want to deepen the main basic notions of photographic technique and understanding of photographic language.

You will learn to know in depth and to use your camera (reflex, compact and even mobile phone) with confidence, through both theoretical and practical preparation.

You will also be introduced to the themes that make the difference, namely: composition and photographic language.


The course consists of 4 evening online meetings of two hours each from 20.30 to 22.30 and an outdoor trip to deepen the techniques learned accompanied by a professional guide and photography expert and will be divided as follows:


Wednesday 24 March - Theoretical lesson online

Lesson I:

· Presentation

· Why do I photograph, and you?

· Camera handle;

The camera, principle of operation;

· Types of cameras (compact bridge, mirrorless, relfex APS-C, full frame reflex) positive / negative aspects;

Camera components (lens, aperture, sensor, processor, shutter, memory, mirror, viewfinder);

· Lenses (wide-angle, normal, telephoto, zoom. Macro);

· Photographic reproduction / processing (document photography);

· Shooting mode (P / Av / Tv / M);

Wednesday 31 March - Theoretical lesson online

II Lesson:

· Photographic exposure, times, apertures, exposure (what they are for) and relationships between them;


· Build a photograph;

· Aperture: how it is done, shutter speed, fast-motion, time scale, depth of field;

· Shutter: how it's done, shutter speeds, fast-motion, time scale;

· ISO sensitivity and electronic noise;

· File format and storage.

File types JPG, RAW, native (PSD, DNG);


· Exposure meter: how it works, how to use it (evaluative, spot);

· Histogram: what it is, what it tells us and how to read it;

· Focus (automatic, manual, continuous);

· AF system metering (AF points, types of metering);

Stabilization (on the lens, on the sensor). Benefits and when to disable;

Wednesday 7 April - Theoretical lesson online

III Lesson:

· Tripod and its use

· Use of the remote control

· Color temperature and white evaluation;

· Composition of a photograph (rule of thirds, subject position, making “clear” and “clean” photographs);

· Subject, predicate and background;

· The rule of diagonals;

· Use lines to direct the gaze;

Camera angles

Falling lines

Wednesday 14 April - Theoretical lesson online

IV Lesson:

· When to photograph (times, light, shooting point);

· Photographic techniques (panning, macro, night, hyperfocal);

· Photo archive management;

· Brief outline of photo editing and photo retouching programs;

· View photos with comments.

Sunday 18 April - Practical Outing in the Environment

V Lesson: Same day trip to our Bergamo Orobie (SUITABLE FOR ALL)

Meeting at 8.30 at Villa d'Almè (Art Coffee bar) from where we will walk to the village of Bruntino. From here we will enter the wild Giongo valley where we will be able to admire the flow of water and immortalize the first spring blooms. We will then reach the Valbrembana cycle / pedestrian path near the Botta hamlet and return to the start, passing by the historic and wonderful port of Clanezzo with the characteristic “dancing bridge”. An easy circular itinerary that will allow us to deepen the knowledge acquired during the photography course by putting into practice what we have learned in a natural environment full of photographic ideas.

Further info and timetables will be communicated to the participants during the course of the course.


Persons in possession of the following general requirements can apply for admission:

1. Be over 18 at the time of enrollment.

2. Be of sound and robust constitution.


The cost of participation is € 80 and includes all the practical exits, the theoretical lessons that will be held online and therefore comfortably from home, any organizational expenses, teaching material, insurance for each participant and an expert guide certified by the College. Alpine Guides as well as expert photographer both for theoretical lessons for practical exits.

No refunds will be due in case of:

a) waiver by the student.

b) expulsion of the same carried out by the Course Director following an undisciplined act.


Students must be in possession of the personal hiking equipment (backpack, suitable clothing, trekking shoes and any personal safety equipment) and the equipment illustrated during the lesson on clothing and equipment during the first lesson of the Course.


Within and no later than the week before the start of the course upon reaching the maximum number of places available.

More info and details on our website or contact me by phone I will be happy to answer all your doubts or questions.

Roberto Salomone: 3209105295

Marco Caccia: 3405205425


I wait for you!!!!

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